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 Since our beginning in 2014, we have always been a grassroots, volunteer-based, veteran-led organization. As of Sept 9, 2016, we have officially formed as a Not-for-Profit and we continue our volunteer service to our brothers and sisters. We're based out of Rochester NY but are a national platform.


 First and foremost we are a Human Rights/Civil/Environmental Rights ORG. We feel we must do all that we can to protect our environment, it’s #1 on our list as we must do whatever we can to preserve our Ecosystem for future generations and all living things. That means prescribing to closed-loop sustainable models that protect nature while helping to heal others naturally!


 We also support a whole foods plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle because we know it will optimize one’s health outcomes and future. We offer education, the science behind it; because we know that consuming animal products is unhealthy as well as animal agriculture is unethical, cruel, and devastating to our environment.

Our growth is organic and purposeful.


Who are we and why do we exist???






 Our mission is driven by the fact that we are veterans that want to return from service to lead healthy and productive lives, not simply live.




We promote a non-toxic plant that our bodies are designed to consume as a catalyst for our healing. We are sick and tired of pill cocktails and DESERVE a natural medicine that won't KILL us.




 We are a COLLECTIVE. That is our mode of operation and force behind our actions. This means we align with organizations and businesses that share our vision of hope and healing for our communities. If we can save just one life, while educating and empowering others to change theirs, that is our WHY.




Our collective has little to stand on without the support of the PEOPLE, Veterans, YOU, and all the organizations that are in line with our goals and ethics as we help educate veterans and their families about cannabis a 100% non-toxic plant.






Veterans Hemp Farm Transitioning Program, Cannabis Science, Organic Horticulture, Cannabis Hemp Education, Cannabis Hemp Cultivation/Processing and Services, Products. Whole food Plant-Based Nutrition Education/Herbalist Dieta, Yoga/Meditation, VA Assistance. Were always open, 24-7 365 servicing the ones that served with our Non-emergency PTSD/VA Assistance Hotline!



VCCF Inc. Board of Directors


Mark Di Pasquale President and COB and Irene Lowe Vice President and Treasurer/Secretary  




Rochester, NY




NYS Cannabis Hemp Farmers

SSGT. Mark  Di Pasquale USMC Ret. and Combat Veteran


Chairman of the Board and Creative Director

Director of Hemp Farm Affairs &

Chief Horticulture Specialist @ Cert. NYS Veterans Cannabis Hemp Farm in Rochester and Syracuse New York 

Irene Lowe Former USN. CPO and Combat Veteran

 Founder/Vice President/

Vice Chairwoman and

Dir. of Alternative Medicines


Austin, Texas

Shaheed Shabazz Former
USMC Maj. and Combat Veteran

Dir. of Veteran Hemp Farm Transitioning Program & Co-Chairman of the Cannabis Hemp Advisory Board 

Horticulture Specialists @

VCCF INC. NYS Cert. Veterans Cannabis Hemp Farm Rochester, New York


Veterans Hemp Farm Transitioning Program (VHFTP)

One Step at a Time

Our mission is driven by the fact that we are veterans that want to return from service to lead healthy and productive lives, not simply live. VHFTP helps with those problems we face as veterans with transitioning from the combat theatre to civilian life. At our Hemp farm vets interact with other vets and nature; get to cultivate Hemp and organic fruits and vegetables. Connecting with nature and fellow veterans again is key for our healing, and our hemp program provides a place to work, volunteer, build that comradery again with our former military family!

24-7 365 Non-Emergency PTSD/VA Assistance Hotline

Helping The Veteran Community and their families

At VCCF INC. We are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing the issues we face as veterans with respects to veteran suicide, substance abuse and more. Our family/friends also go through the pain with YOU. So we decided from the beginning to dedicate our time to educate veterans about cannabis science/medicines and any questions or concerns they might have about the VA and what the rules of using cannabis.  We strive to make a difference and invite you to learn more and lend your support.


Reinforcing our Commitment to Veteran health

 Our goal is to promote and encourage a whole food plant-based diet, (PBD) because the science and results are clear. By consuming a whole foods plant-based diet we can reduce, or reverse both mental, and physical illness according to the latest science. Combine a PBD with a cannabis therapy that works for you and the sky is the limit. We offer free consulting about PBD via our hotline. Plus we know that consuming animal products is unhealthy as well as animal agriculture is unethical, cruel, and devastating to our environment.                 

"As Veterans, we must know when we consume suffering we are suffering"!


Only a few years ago the endocannabinoid system was unknown. Today we are aware that endocannabinoids are involved in many of the functions of the mammalian body - in neuroprotection, appetite and suckling, pain, reproduction, anxiety, memory, bone formation etc. This volume presents an up-to-date picture of some of the major fields of endocannabinoid research. It summarizes the actions of the endocannabinoids on various physiological systems and opens new therapeutic windows to a large number of diseases.

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Cannabis Collective 

Rochester, New York, USA


Rochester, New York, USA

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